How to register your barcode

A common misconception is that product information can be entered into the barcode itself or that the code must be registered with a global database to function. There is no database that covers every barcode and information cannot be encoded into a barcode. The vertical lines in a 1D barcode correspond to the numbers shown below the code. When scanned, the POS software reads the lines and recalls the number and any information (name/size/flavour/price) associated with that number. This only works if that particular POS system already has an entry for the number.

For your barcode to work, you will need to assign it to any relevant product information and pass this on to any retailers so that they may enter this information into their POS system. Once you have done this and included the image on your product artwork, the code represents the associated product. Please also take care to keep a record of your barcode assignments so that you do not accidentally duplicate.

Every new retailer needs to input the relevant information along with the associated barcode number into their POS system. There is no comprehensive databse of all barcodes that will allow your product information availabel in every retailer. GEPIR (GS1’s database) only includes company information, does not detail data about individual products and is not used for retail POS systems.

We recommend submitting a spreadsheet detailing your product information to your retailers that shows the associated barcode assignments. Sometimes a retailer will ask you to complete product information sheets that link your product information to the barcode. Both ways work, it is simply a matter of what your retailers’ vendor policies are and how they prefer to have the information provided to them.

For online retail outlets such as FlipKart and Amazon you will be required to enter detailed information about your product along with a barcode number when you register your product. Listing on these sites as well as GoogleMerchant will allow google to index your barcode numbers.

To make your product information available via barcode scanning apps you must register your product information and associated barcode number on a database used by app developers. Listing your product on some online databases such as, or will help with online brand awareness and the overall visibility of your products.